1. As a child, I remember frequently seeing Kimberlee Jo Faught, aka “The Gypsy Violinist,” play on the street in Squirrel Hill.  The beautiful sound of her violin along with her wild hair and flowing skirts made her seem magical.  The other day she welcomed me into her Lawrenceville home to photograph her for a series I am working on about Pittsburgh artists. A remarkable woman.

  2. Chasi and Shmuel are lifted by their guests on either sides of the mechitizah, a partition dividing women and men during a traditional Hasidic wedding reception.

  3. Chasi and Shmuel make their grand entrance.

  4. Eagerly waiting.

  5. Chasi on her wedding day

  6. Ricardo Iamuuri, clowning around.

  7. A lesson in sales at Jimmy & Nino’s.  Saturday morning in the Strip.

  8. Bill Toms at Leaf and Bean.

  9. Bill Toms and Marc Reisman perform at Leaf and Bean in the Strip District on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012. Pittsburgh, Pa.

  10. Caleb Sisco, production coordinator of La Prima Espresso. Pittsburgh, PA.

  11. "When in times of rain, umbrellas make fantastic boats." -Ricardo Iamuuri